This days we unfortunaly celebrate the first anniversary of the disappearance of Sombath Somphone. His tragic removal from our daily live was shocking too all of us- and it is still unbelievable.

Since then a lot of articles, reports and opinions have been published, many people are involved on the research of the truth and more people work hard on not to forget Sombath’s achievements. And even international organizations put political pressure on the Lao PDR with very little impact on this case.

No single clue to the evidence has been found yet. This is indeed very, really very frustrating.

On the other side the new-born community behind Sombath’s disappearance give me the hope that this bad case has at least a little positive point: People is moving together. Sombath’s spirit to work for a better world is alive. Wherever Sombath will be, this will give him a huge portion of happiness.

Even for me -living far away in Hamburg- I still not want to believe what happened. But it’s true and his observed snatch took place just 500m away where I used to live in Laos. But I’m sure the heritage of Sombath will stay in our hearts forever.

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