Films as Producer and/or Director

See some of my recent films on Vimeo!

2020 Fünftes Stadtporttrait: sparkling city tel aviv

2019 Film über Vier-Hand-Massage

2017 Viertes Stadtporttrait: artistic city paris

2016 Film über LomiLomi-Massage

2015 Dritter Film der Städte-Triologie: spirited city barcelona

2014 Film über die europäische SAVE-Konferenz in Bispingen

2013 Multimedia-Film für die Knicks zwischen Nord- und Ostsee

2013 Image-Film für die Gemeinde Bispingen

2012 Leitmotiv Papier, 1. Film aus der geplanten Serie 80plus

2011 Mahl_ganz_anders, Project about Lord’s Supper, Documentation

2011 acclaimed Multimedia-Films in cooperation with the Photographer Christian Kaiser

2010 UXO in Lao, Ban on Cluster munition, Film for UNDP Lao

2009 slow city vientiane, Documentary, 17 min.

2007 Good things!, Budnikowsky GmbH&Co.KG, Imagefilm 20min.

2006 A380 –People behind the giant, Documentary, arte 56min.

2004 My life is Aikido –Shimizu Sensei in Hamburg, Documentary 19min.

2002 Children of Calcutta -Childslabour in Westbengali, Documentary 25min.

2001 Heros with hope –How People survive in Burkina Faso, Documentary 42min.

1998 Step by step –Moments between Rostock and Berlin, Documentary 29min.