Films as Editor:

2022 Mainz NBC, Olympische Winterspiele Peking 2022, ARD/ZDF

2020 Israel, ZDF Auslandsstudio Tel Aviv

2019 Die Trecker-Ambulanz, Die Nordreportage Regie Katrin Spranger

2019 China, ZDF Auslandsstudio Peking

2019 Brasilien, Kolumbien, ZDF Auslandsstudio Rio de Janeiro

2017 Wahl 2017 in Frankreich, ZDF Landesstudio Paris

2016 EM in Frankreich, ZDF Landesstudio Paris

2014 Freelance Editor at ZDF Landesstudio Hamburg

2013 Maquet 175 Jahre-Film, Baden-Baden

2012 Freelance Editor at NDR

2011 Mahl_ganz_anders, Project about Lord’s Supper, Blog and Documentation

2010 UXO in Lao, Ban on Cluster munition, Film for UNDP Lao

2009 Slow City Vientiane, Documentary, 17 min.

2007 Good things!, Budnikowsky GmbH&Co.KG, Imagefilm 20min.

2006 A380 –People behind the giant, Documentary, arte 56min.

2005 Children of St. Georg, Hamburg, Long term documentary, 96min.

2004 Incubators of the future, Documentary about schools, Ministry of Education

2003 Blue gold in the garden of eden, Documentary, arte France/Germany, 56min.

2001 Back to Kurdish earth, Documentary, arte France/Germany, 56min.

2000 Invent the future, Documentary, Production Bertelsmannstiftung

1999 No Chance, Kleines Fernsehspiel, ZDF Germany

1998 Girls lost in violence, Documentary, 3sat Germany

1997 Survive in Algier, Documentary, arte France/Germany, 56min.